Nancy Meenachan is the infant care Director.  Nancy has been with the center for over 27 years.  Nancy is also the mother of three grown children.  Betty Cmil, the co-director, is also one of the infant caregivers and has been with the center for over 23 years.  Carol Silvernail has been with the center for over 5 years. Each caregiver has proved to be a very loving and tender friend to the children and their parents for many, many years.  The infant room program begins with children 6 weeks old. As the children become older, they also engage in age-appropriate activities across the hall in the transitional toddler room.


Research shows that Infants develop secure attachments when they are cared for by adults who meet their needs.  Here at Hitchcock we pride ourselves in meeting the children’s needs consistently, accurately and in a loving manner.


Research also shows that children stay healthier when they have daily outdoor play incorporated in our program on a daily basis. The infants/toddler also enjoy their bye-bye-buggy ride around the school grounds. Based on this information and state requirements, outdoor play will be incorporated into our program on a daily basis.  We will limit the amount of time outside when the temperatures are very warm or too cold.








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