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3 Year Old Preschool Program

The Three Year Old Preschool class meets five days a week from 9:00 to 11:30am and is full of exploratory experiences!   You may pick any amount of days you would like to have your child attend. Every day we are learning new things about ourselves and our environment.  This is an important age where we are focusing on positive social interactions with adults and peers as well as self-help skills.  We practice safe calming habits and conflict resolution, all while respecting the feelings of others around us.  The centers in the class are designed for many open-ended learning opportunities such as science, dramatic play, art, reading/writing and small/large manipulatives.  We are always learning about differences in the world and along with our daily life skills, we also learn about the diversity of other cultures!

Some of the overall objectives are:

    color recognition,
    personal hygiene
    self concept ( “I like me”)
    the five senses
    two to three sequencing
    listening skills
    hopping and galloping
    number recognition

4 Year Old Preschool Program

The Four Year Old Preschool class meets five days a week from 8:30 to 11:30am.  You may pick any amount of days you would like to have your child attend. The curriculum is structured so we may enhance each developmental stage as your child moves from one stage to another. The curriculum explores the alphabet, math, science and art through a variety of hands-on material. We will discover numbers, shapes and colors through a more “caught and taught” approach. We structure the curriculum so that we are able to take a closer look at each child as an individual and evaluate their language, auditory memory, visual memory, fine motor, and physical and social skills. Each concept will be introduced in a variety of styles. Since each child has a different learning style, we will be using Kinesthetic techniques, along with auditory stimulation through songs, chants and finger plays. We also encourage children to develop at their own pace, establishing strong self-esteem, which we feel helps to lay the groundwork for learning.


Some of the overall objectives are:

    recognize some of the alphabet
    begin to print upper and lower case letters
    understand the concept of beginning sounds
    number recognition (1-15)
    shape recognition
    spacial recognition
    superlatives (big, bigger, biggest)
    to be able to initiate play
    play cooperatively
    ability to repeat and sing a song or finger-play
    ability to care for oneself at bathroom time
    care for one’s belongings
    hop, skip and gallop


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