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The Toddler class meets for a fun filled day from 9-11:00am Monday- Friday. You may pick any amount of days you would like to have your child attend.

The class consists of circle time, snack time, gross motor time, and quite time.  The toddler curriculum is explored through several themes, and a large variety of different art media, language arts, science, and gross motor activities. Their day is structured to facilitate socializing through play.

We will encourage them to verbalize their needs and feelings through good modeling and role-play. We also teach sign language to help the children communicate, for those that are not as verbal.  We have several special themed events for the children to participate in, such as: Halloween Carnival, Thanksgiving celebration, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s day, Easter, and our very special event is Grandparent’s Day.  As we are a culturally diverse school, we are sensitive and adjust our curriculum to celebrate and respect many different cultures.old.

Budding Students

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