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Toddler December Newsletter

Dear Families,

November has come and gone but this past month was a fun one! We learned a lot about being thankful for the things in our lives. We did lots of fun crafts, dances, a corn experiment, and had our Thanksgiving feast. The children had lots of fun at the feast and I'd like to thanks those that donated for our special day!

December is surely one of the most exciting months of the year for most of our kids. It is the holiday season and this is a fitting time for all of us to teach students to be thankful and show them the value of generosity and kindness. This is also the month that we have more days out of school. Parents, let us use this time to bond more with our kids and to continue helping our children in their learning.

We are excited for Winter and all that comes with it! We have a lot of fun activities planned for this month! We are looking forward to having our Christmas party and enjoy the Winter weather! We will be doing some experiments, crafts, and other exciting activities!

Some topics we will be discussing this month will include:

Winter, snow, snowmen, penguins, gingerbread, Christmas, traditions, Santa, elves, candy canes, kindness, generosity, and so much more!

Important December Dates:

December 12th- Ugly Sweater day

*Please join us on Tuesday, December 12 for Ugly Sweater Day. Your child can wear a silly sweater, holiday sweater or just a sweater!!! Thank you for participating in this fun activity!!!

December 20th- Christmas party

December 21- Last Day of classes

December 22, 26-29 -Dare care only

December 25th -Center closed

January 1st- Center closed

January 2nd -Classes resume

*We will be creating treat bags for the holiday, if you choose to provide a small treat such as candy, stickers, etc. please provide enough for 12 children.

ALSO, Please see the sign-up sheet on the Parent Bulletin Board for party supply sign-up.

Thanks for all you do,

Miss Heather

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