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Pre-Kindergarten January Newsletters

We’re kicking off the New Year with lots of fun and learning. We will be learning about penguins and their environments, as well as Martin Luther King Jr. We will also discuss the winter weather around, such as frost (how and when it appears). In math, we will be writing numbers 1-5 and continue to recognize numbers 1-20. We will focus on letters Uu (Jan. 2), Ee (Jan. 8), Ii (Jan. 16) and Ss (Jan. 22).

Friendly Reminder:

Pre-K Tuition and childcare payments are due your child’s first days of class. Gymsters will continue every Wednesday this school year. Don’t forget to include your 10$/month! Checks can be made payable to Gymsters.

Coming Up:

It is the time of year for progress reports. We will continue to assess the children individually this month to see what they have mastered and where they might need a little extra help. I will send progress reports out January 22. If you would like to meet, a sign-up sheet will be posted on the parent board January 22. Thank you.

A Big Thanks!!

Thank you for all of our wonderful holiday gifts, they were each so special. I would also like to thank all the families that were able to provide our Polar Express holiday party with special treats.

Dates to Remember:

Monday, January 15: No Pre-Kindergarten, Childcare Only

Monday, January 23-Friday, February 3: Conference Times Posted

January: Library Visit 10:00am TBA

Sincerely, Miss Abbey and Miss Mare

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