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Prekindergarten February Newsletter

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

February brings the exploration of Valentine’s Day; and learning all about Community Helpers. This month, we will have “Mystery Guests” from the community, such as the Boardman Township Road Department. The children will interview our classroom visitors and ask them about their job. If you would like to volunteer, please let me know. Thank you so much for your consideration.

The students are doing wonderful with their opposites and rhyming words. This month we will focus on rhyming words that end in –at.

We will be working on our phone numbers and addresses. We will also make ABAB, AABB pattern with colored hearts.

Letters: (Feb 5) M, (Feb 12) H, (Feb 19) F

Friendly Reminder:

As always, with the changing of seasons we see our share of colds and coughs! Please continue to encourage good hand washing practices upon arrival!

We are collecting Box Top Labels. has a list of products and coupons. We truly appreciate your support!

If your child wears snow boots please provide an extra pair of shoes for him/her to change into for the day.

Reminder tuition is due on the first of the month for Preschool payments & your child’s first day of the week for daycare payments. Gymsters will continue every Wednesday this school year. Don’t forget to include your 10$/month! Checks can be made payable to Gymsters.

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, February 14: Valentine’s Day Party

Friday, February 16: Daycare Only, No Preschool Class- Library Visit 10:00am

Monday, February 19: Daycare Only, No Preschool Class

Wednesday, February 28: Boardman Township Road Department 10:00am

Please feel free to ask me any questions or concerns!

Sincerely, Miss Abbey and Miss Mare

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