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Preschool February Newsletter

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

The month of January brought us a lot of indoor fun! The children enjoyed making cheerio rings and filling orange peels with birdseed for our recycled Christmas tree to feed the birds.

We also enjoyed the book The Mitten by Jan Brett. We painted with mittens and used gloves to see how many “animals” (animal crackers) we could fit into the glove. This helped with our math skills and charting the results was really fun for them. A fun day was when we pretended to be the animals in the book and tried to see how many of us could fit into a pretend mitten!

Using cotton balls we had friendly snow ball fights and then picked up all the “snowballs” with clothespins. This was a great combination of using gross and fine motor skills in one activity!

We talked about how and why animals hibernate in the winter. We even made our own ice fishing station!

Now we are on to February already! It’s hard to believe how fast the months come and go and how much the children are learning and growing each day.


Wednesday February 14 – Valentine’s Day Party

Friday February 16 – No Classes Day Care Only

Friday February 16 –Library 10:00am

Monday February 19 – No Classes Day Care Only

In the month of February we will be having our Valentine’s Day party on February 14th. There will be a sign-up sheet on our bulletin board if you are interested in donating for this event. The children will be exchanging Valentine’s. We ask that you please keep the envelopes blank. We have 17 children in our classroom.

This month we will be discussing and planning activities about Groundhog day and Presidents day. We will also be working on recognizing the letters in our names and trying to write them! We are planning on having conferences in early March. More details to come!


Thank you,

Miss Tammy and Miss Linda

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