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Tiny Twos February Newsletter

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We have been working very hard on our table manners using “please” and “thank you” and cleaning up our mess when we are all done! When sitting at the table we have been using “feet on the floor and tummy to table”. I am seeing great progress in your children and they impress me every day!

We had so much fun learning about and discovering arctic animals, hibernation and going on our daily bear hunt!

This month we will be learning about our “Community Helpers”. Some examples are: Banker, nurse, policeman, firefighter, and postman. We will also be working on following direction by playing games like Simon Says, and follow the leader.

Important Dates:

No preschool on February 16th- Daycare is available

No preschool on February 19th- Daycare is available

Valentine’s Day Party- Wednesday February 14th

** If you would like to provide a snack, drink, or small treat, please provide enough for 8 children. Sign-up sheet will be posted outside our door.

Friendly Reminders

If your child wears snow boots please provide an extra pair of shoes for him/her to change into for the day.

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