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Toddler February Newsletter

Dear Families,

January has come and gone! We had a very enjoyable month learning all about Arctic animals. We discovered how these animals stay warm in freezing temperatures by conducting our blubber experiment. We learned many intriguing facts about each animal and how they survive in the cold. The children really were fascinated about how these animals move and sound!! They loved getting the opportunity to act out each animal during gross motor time!!

It's already February and we can truly feel the love in the air! There is absolutely no better time to tell you how much we love and value your children! Your families are our inspiration! Teaching is probably the most heartwarming job around and helping your children grow and achieve makes everyday more meaningful! we sincerely thank you for all of your friendship, business, and referrals and wish you all a wonderful Valentine's Day to spend with your loved ones! This month we will focus on Community helpers, along with Valentine's Day. We will be making toothpaste slime, exploring how pipes work by using water and plastic tubing, pretending to be doctor and veterinarians in our dramatic play clinic, using our imaginations playing with construction vehicles and rocks in our sensory table, making tasty treats like a chef, discussing how important it is to love one another, and many other thought-provoking activities, experiments and crafts!!

Upcoming Events and dates to Remember:

  • Our Valentine's Day party will be Wednesday, February 14th @ 10am- You are welcome to send treats and Valentines for the class (Enough for 12 children please)-There will be a sign up sheet outside of the classroom for snacks for our party

  • Friday, February 16: Daycare Only, No Preschool Class- Library Visit 10:00am

  • Monday, February 19: Daycare Only, No Preschool Class


  • As always, with the changing of seasons we see our share of colds and coughs! Please continue to encourage good hand washing practices upon arrival!

  • If your child wears snow boots please provide an extra pair of shoes for him/her to change into for the day.

  • Pre-K Tuition and childcare payments are due your child’s first days of class. Gymsters will continue every Wednesday (or Thursday change as needed) this school year. Don’t forget to include your 10$/month! Checks can be made payable to Gymsters.

Thanks for all you do,

Miss Heather

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