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Toddler March Newsletter

Dear Families,

February was such an educational month for your kiddos! We learned all about different community helpers and what they do for us in our community! We had a wonderful time pretending to drive our fire trucks around the room, painting with toothbrushes, and we especially loved playing in the construction sensory table that was filled with sand, rocks, and vehicles to use our imaginations with.

March is here and the nice weather is approaching! We can't wait to start getting back outside again! We are thrilled that we get to spend the first week of this month celebrating with Dr Seuss! Other things we will be doing this month: We will be discussing St. Patrick's Day by making an erupting pot of gold, discovering rainbows by playing with rainbow paint sensory bags! We will having a rhyming time while becoming familiar with different nursery rhymes, h

aving some exciting experiences learning about plants, flowers, rain, sunshine, and insects through experiments, crafts, and exploring outside!

Upcoming Events and dates to Remember:

  • March 1-16 Fundraiser starts

  • Fri March 9th No classes- Daycare ONLY

  • Fri March 16- St. Patrick's Day celebration

  • Spring begins Tuesday March 20th

  • Wednesday March 28th- Easter Party

  • Thursday March 29 Last day of classes before Easter break

  • March 30-April 8- Daycare ONLY

  • April 9th - Classes resume


  • As always, with the changing of seasons we see our share of colds and coughs! Please continue to encourage good hand washing practices upon arrival!

  • Daycare Tuition and childcare payments are due your child’s first days of class. Gymsters will continue every Thursday this school year. Don’t forget to include your 10$/month! Checks can be made payable to Gymsters.

Thanks for all you do,

Miss Heather

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