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Toddler April Newsletter

Dear Families,

March flew by! Our class had a blast doing lots of experiments with rainbows! They especially loved our St Patrick's Day exploding leprechaun hats! We learned about nursery rhymes like Hey Diddle Diddle and really enjoyed playing in our sensory table with black beans, cows, moons, dishes, and spoons! We celebrated Easter with fun games and an egg hunt at our parties! Thanks again to everyone that helped out!

April is here!! Now that the nicer weather is finally here, we will be doing lots of exploring of what happens in the Spring. We will be learning about plants, flowers, rain, sunshine, and insects through experiments, crafts, and exploring outside!

Upcoming Events and Dates to Remember:

  • April 9th @ 9:30am- Librarian comes to visit

  • Spring Break: March 30-April 8- Daycare ONLY

  • April 9th - Classes resume

  • Save the Date!! April 19th @ 10 am we will have our annual Grandparents Day celebration. More details to come soon!


  • The nice weather is finally here!! With this in mind, we will be going outside to play as much as possible so dress children appropriately for the weather. We try our best to keep clothes clean but please put clothes on your child that you don't mind getting dirty.

  • As always, with the changing of seasons we see our share of colds and coughs! Please continue to encourage good hand washing practices upon arrival!

  • Daycare Tuition and childcare payments are due your child’s first days of class. Gymsters will continue every Thursday this school year. Don’t forget to include your 10$/month! Checks can be made payable to Gymsters.

Thanks for all you do,

Miss Heather

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