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Infant Room
Research has shown that children stay healthier when they have daily outdoor play. Based on this information and state requirements, outdoor play will be incorporated into our program on a daily basis. We will limit the amount of time outside when the temperatures are very warm or very cold.


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The Toddler year-old class meets for a fun filled day from 9-11:00am Monday- Friday. You may pick any amount of days you would like to have your child attend.

The class consists of circle time, snack time, gross motor time, and quite time. The toddler curriculum is explored through several themes, as well as a large variety of different art media, language arts, science, and gross motor activities. Their day is structured to facilitate socializing through play. 


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Come join us anytime in our Day Care Program.  Hitchcock Woods prides ourself in meeting your child’s needs, as well as your families needs. We understand that your schedule and needs for care change from time to time. We want to help you and your child feel comfortable and confident in choosing our Center as your own.


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Pre-K and K
Inside the world of Intermediate and Kindergarten class at Hitchcock Woods, you will find a bustling, interactive environment where something is happening every minute. The children acquire the skills they need to be active learners. One of life’s greatest gifts is having the opportunity to witness children develop a positive attitude toward themselves as individuals in the culturally pluralistic society which we live.


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Preschool 3 & 4 Years    
The Three-year-old curriculum helps to facilitate self-esteem through the developing of language and communication skills. These concepts are developed through thematic units.

The Pre-K curriculum is structured so we may enhance each developmental stage as your child moves from one stage to another. The curriculum explores the alphabet, math, science and art through a variety of hands on material.


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Summer Enrichment    
Each summer along with our Day Care Program we create a fun-filled enriching program with a different topic each week!!

Your child can come five days a week all summer, or jump in and out of the program to suit your schedule! You can choose one, two or three full weeks, or 2, 3 or 4 days!

Let us help you and your child have a safe and fun filled summer!


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