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Immediate and K

Inside the world of the Intermediate and Kindergarten class at Hitchcock Woods, you will find a bustling, interactive environment where something is happening every minute. The children acquire the skills they need to be active learners. One of life’s greatest gifts is having the opportunity to witness children develop a positive attitude toward themselves as individuals in the culturally pluralistic society which we live. Thus, our program stresses the unique gifts in others through our multicultural, hands-on activities.

Computer literacy, foreign languages, problem solving, map reading, and teamwork are just some of the skills acquired through our daily activities. Young children get excited about learning to read, especially when it relates to their everyday experiences. However, they become even more excited when they can help create the art and text in these reading materials. Our reading program provides children with interactive, personalized reading experiences by inviting them to create their own self-made illustrated books and journals. We have balanced our literacy program by utilizing the Letter People and the Beginning to Read, Write, and Listen phonetic language arts program. This program correlates reading, spelling, handwriting, and auditory and oral language skills through academic standards.

Getting them what they need

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