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What do the children do in the Day Care Program?
The Day Care Program consists of a fun filled scheduled day, enriched with art, music, literature, science & math activities, lead in a rather “caught than taught” learning style. The program is enriched with gross motor and outside activities.  

Do you have a second child discount?
Yes, we do have a second and third child discount.  

If my child is in the Day Care program, do I pay for preschool in addition to the preschool program?
No, if your child attends our Day Care Program on their pre-school days there is not an additional charge.  

Can my child attend one day a week?
We have found that it is difficult for a child to adjust to one day a week. We ask that you contract at least 2 days.  

I am a teacher, do I have to pay when I am off school?
No, we try to accommodate your schedule. You will contract days, but you will not be responsible for school vacation days.  It is important to be consistent and have your child attend the preschool program on a regular basis.  

I need care ASAP, can my child start tomorrow?
Yes, you will need to stop in and pick up an enrollment packet.  If you can complete the enrollment packet and provide us with your child's immunization record (it is a state requirement that we have your child's immunizations on the first day) we can do an orientation. Your child can then begin as soon as we have all of the necessary paper work.
My child is close to Kindergarten age can he/she attend your Kindergarten?
Yes, we have a charted Kindergarten. Your child may attend our Kindergarten program, but they will have to attend Kindergarten the following year if they do no not make the cut-off date for their school district.  

After attending your Kindergarten can my child go to first grade?
Yes, we have a Charted Kindergarten.  If your child is of age and meets the cut-off date for his/her school district, they may go to first grade after attending our Kindergarten.  

Do I have to make an appointment to stop in an see the program?
No, we have an open door policy. You are welcome to stop in at any time! 




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