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Infant April Newsletter


APRIL 2018

Dear Parents:

Happy Spring! Let’s hope that the warm weather has finally arrived! I think we are all ready for some sunshine and warm spring days. Once the warm days do arrive, we hope to spend more time outdoors with the children. We are fortunate enough to have a bye-bye buggy, so we will be taking the little ones for short walks whenever possible. Please remember to dress for the weather.

The children really seem to enjoy the seasonal songs and finger plays we’ve been introducing. We are looking forward to fun story time/circle time activities.

Just a reminder: You need to date and name all bottles, sippy cups and juice boxes. We often find things in the refrigerator without a name. It is almost impossible to know who it belongs to if it’s not labeled. If you don’t already have a lunch box for your child, please consider using one; this way all lunch items will remain together and you only need to label the lunch box. We ask that you please refrain from sending small toys to school with your child. These toys with small parts are a choking hazard. Please remember, if your child is 12 months or under, they need a sleep sac for nap time. No blankets are allowed in the cribs.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page and “like” us! We love to share pictures of fun things we are doing, post important information such as class cancellations or party dates. You can even go to our website and see our newsletters.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Easter season and spring time ahead!


Nancy, Betty and Carol

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